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Tommy’s Maury-inspired family quest continues, and Dre shows his ambition on this week’s episode of POWER. Spoilers below. You have been warned!

Tommy’s complicated relationship with his mother reached its boiling point during this Teresi paternity drama. It was surreal to watch Tommy discover that Teresi bequeathed his surname and was at the hospital at the time of birth. You could understand why Kate withheld the information, but Tommy wasn’t in a forgiving mood.

Disowning his mother is harsh, but Tommy cherishes loyalty. Lying about his true father was Tommy’s breaking point. As Tommy continues to meet with Teresi, and learns more about his Sicilian roots, a family reunion may be on the horizon.

Tommy needs as much family as he can get, after Dre implemented his plan to destroy the organization without war against the Jiminez. Dre and Cristobal burning a million dollars worth of drugs to instill doubt among the primeras in Tommy was an extreme measure,  but you can’t convince Dre he isn’t on his way to making a “top 30 criminal masterminds under 30 list”. Dre has played the “unassuming young boy who just wants to get in the game” role since his first appearance, but he’s finally using that faux naivety to benefit his drug kingpin goals. So far? So good.


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