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Issa Rae‘s smash HBO series Insecure has totally blown the lid off dating and relationships for the millennial age, each week jarring the senses with themes that often mirror real life. In last night’s episode, Rae’s character found herself on the wrong end of a sex-related eye jammy and Twitter has been going ham and cheese since.

While folks are hoping for a rekindling of the Issa and Lawrence show, even though both parties have injected themselves heavy into the struggle, it was Issa’s sex romp after learning some new, ahem, oral skills that didn’t go as planned. While in the act, nature took over and Issa’s eye took one for the team and her reaction was a little intense.

Twitter immediately began discussing the finer points of a man letting his joy juice go in someone’s peepers, and the reactions have been all over the map. We’ve collected the best comments regarding Issa Rae’s obliterated eye below and on the following pages.

Photo: screen cap

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