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Polaroid wants to make instant film fun again and they might be on to something with the OneStep 2 i-Type camera.

The Impossible Project made it their mission to save instant film from certain death for the past decade and their first attempt was the release of the I-1 last year.

No longer going by The Impossible Project they have reintroduced themselves to the world as Polaroid Originals. To kick off their new initiative they have introduced the OneStep 2 i-Type camera. The Onestep originally made its debut in 1977 and its 2017 counterpart doesn’t stray too far from the original, but it does benefit from a few upgrades.

The familiar body that Onestep users loved returns, in both a cream-colored and black casing, classic big red shutter button and the iconic Polaroid rainbow stripe. The Onestep 2’s newest features include a more open viewfinder and two rows of lights on top that let you know how many shots you have left on your film cartridge.

The Onestep 2 features a rechargeable internal power source. As far as the film is concerned; the cartridges come in both color and black and white, contain only 8 shots and will cost you $16. The camera itself will cost $100 and is available for pre-order now on the new Polaroid Originals website.

In a digital world the Onestep 2 will restore the feeling of physically having photographic moments in your hand and not just on your iPhone. The Onestep 2 will also make a great affordable gift for the photographer in your life who loves to take pictures of everything.

The Onestep 2 isn’t the only camera Polaroid Originals is bringing back, you can also purchase other vintage cameras from their site as well if you’re into collecting old-school cameras.

So is the Onestep 2 worth your coins or nah?

Photos: Polaroid