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The smart home is becoming a common thing thanks to the introduction of new affordable Amazon Echo devices.

It’s been three years since Amazon first introduced the original Alexa-powered Amazon Echo to the world. Today (Sept. 28) we get acquainted with two new versions of the Echo as well as two other new devices that joined the family.

Available today is the second generation of the Amazon Echo, which features a new second generation far-field microphones for improved and accurate voice recognition, a redesigned body and six different variations to match your home decor.

New Amazon Echo

The new Echo is also very affordable starting at only $100, a nice alternative to the $129 Google Home.

If you want to pair Echos throughout your home, Amazon even offers a three pack for $250 ($50 off).

Can’t beat that.

For those who want an upgraded version of the standard Echo, Amazon has you covered with the Echo Plus. The Echo Plus keeps the look of the original (it comes in three colors) but has plenty of new features such as full-on smart home hub functionality, Zigbee support, improved speakers that include a tweeter and woofer promising improved sound.

Amazon Echo Plus

The Echo Plus will cost only $150 and comes with a Phillips Hue white bulb to help kickoff your smart home renovation.

Wait there’s more, Amazon also is bringing to your home the Amazon Spot. The spot serves as a much better version of the Amazon Dot. It features a circular 2.5 inch screen, Bluetooth, and audio jack for speaker connectivity.

Amazon Echo Spot

Designed to fit anywhere in your home, the Spot can also control your smart home, uses far-field voice recognition, allows you to watch video, and make hands-free voice or video calls, weather reports, to-do lists and browse and listen to audible books and more. All for a reasonable $129 price point.

Last but not least is the Amazon Connect which serves as an Alexa powered speaker for those who still use a landline phone. The connect plugs directly into your landline giving users a new and easy way to make and receive phone calls.

Amazon Echo Connect

The Connect only cost’s $35 dollars and serves as the perfect gift for your parents who refuse to get an Echo.

All of the new Echo devices are always connected and updates are delivered automatically. Amazon also promises Alexa gets smarter the more you use your Echo as it continually adapts to your vocabulary, speech patterns, and personal preferences.

So if you need gift options look no further, Amazon got you covered and it won’t seriously hurt your pockets.

Photo: Amazon Screenshot