Joe Budden is back on his hosting grind as news broke that he will host a new show for Amazon's live radio platform, Amp. The show, "Music Lovers Only with Joe Budden", will feature the MC sharing his favorite songs from all eras and genres with listeners who will have the chance to engage as the show is broadcast live.

The service, Amp, is currently in beta testing mode, and some big names in entertainment will join the space during its initial run.

In a new spot for Amazon, Crews pleads with folks to come work for the company but Twitter is getting the buff bozo out the paint.

The Virginia producer's education equity nonprofit YELLOW is part of the wider effort to inspire students to embrace computer science.

Good news for Android smartphone users you can now enjoy Amazon's Luna gaming streaming service.

Paramount Pictures originally had rights to the film but with the movie industry in flux, the company sold the rights to the streaming giant.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 has finally arrived, and Samsung is offering a ton of deals on all of its latest devices.

Amazon Prime Day had its wig pushed back to October 13-14 due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. With the company's big sale day just around the corner, there are already deals customers can take advantage of.

Amazon isn't letting COVID-19 stopping them from turning your home into an Alexa powered oasis.

Here comes a new challenger into the gaming world, Amazon. But it's not getting the welcoming reception Amazon hoped it would.