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The NBA preseason just kicked off last night (Oct. 3) and the New York Knicks are already in the NBA lottery. Okay, we’re exaggerating things a bit but FS1 certainly seems to think that the Knickerbockers are going to be trash this season (a safe bet).

The sports network went as far as decking out an entire train in Knicks colors with the images of Tim Hardaway Jr. & Joakim Noah along with the word “Hopeless” stamped on it.

But that’s not all.

The inside of the train contained not so hidden messages including one that read “Nothing Will Change Until Dolan Sells The Team.”

Truth hurts.

But it didn’t stop there. Another message sarcastically stated that “The High Point In The Last 25 Years Was The Movie Eddie.”

Eddie was a horrible movie by the way.

While no one knows why Fox Sports 1 would go to such lengths to embarrass the Knicks, they did lace another train with a more positive message for the embattled franchise.

As much as we love Porzingis around these parts, true Knick fans will pick the side that implies Dolan needs to sell the team. We know fa sho’ that Charles Oakley feels that way.

Also, word is Dolan whined to FS1 owner Rupert Murdoch, and the subway ad is being pulled.

Photo: Twitter/JMintzHoops