Possibly the most entertaining scene of the evening was our first look at Ashley and Anais together in a room. Side note: Ashley does the same stiff-necked, hand talk thing like Miss Nikki Baby. Dreadful.

Navarro told Ashley to cancel a meeting he had set with the singer because he was headed out of town but Ashley had some things to get off her chest apparently. Earlier in the episode, Navarro says that Anais had sent him some bikini shots and that’s what upset his girlfriend. But when Ashley spoke with her sister the story turned into “naked pictures” and “4 AM phone calls.” We don’t know for sure, but Ashley is clearly jealous of this woman and laying it on thick but Anais could care less, which is actually pretty hilarious. In the conference room, Ashley goes off, asking a bunch of questions and receiving one word answers from Anais. This frustrates her.

“I call [Navarro] for my checks,” Anais says flippantly. “What checks? You broke ass bitch!,” Ashley snarls. She’s the type of angry that hinders thought at this point, because had she thought about what she was saying, she would realize that it makes her man Navarro, ol’ girl’s manager, look bad. But she mad though, so whatever we guess.

Next week, the madness continues and we’ll be here every step of the way.


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