Not sure why Miss Judy would be purposely filling her son’s head with doubts about his wife while he’s serving a chunk of time. She told him about Yandy and the lotion but didn’t mention that the setting was at a photo shoot. Also. Can someone let her know that the word she’s looking for is ‘provocative’ and not ‘prerogative’? The first time could have been a slip but she repeats the word throughout this episode.

Speaking of word counts, are we bringing ‘ham’ back? Three different characters used it on last night’s episode. Twice in the scene where Miss Judy arrives at Yandy’s skincare launch with a knit shawl for her to cover up with.

Before she walks over, Yandy, Juju and Jonathan (K Michelle’s bestie) discuss her most recent antics: “She went ham on you?” “She went ham on everything!” The term was done before Watch the Throne, though. Let’s leave it there.

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