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Almost as soon as it was announced that the insanely anticipated Nike SB Dunk “Black Pigeon” would be releasing today at Extra Butter in New York City, hypebeasts began to camp out in front of the store trying to secure themselves a pair. But the NYPD decided to complicate their lives and broke up the massive crowd that awaited the release outside the sneaker boutique.

You know whoever was first in line was tight!

Jeff Staples took to his IG page to address the situation and announce that the sneaker fiends would be allowed to get back on line beginning at 6 am. [Editor’s Note: Gee, thanks.—aqua]

It’s now been hours since the crowd was allowed to reform the line and we can only hope things went off without a hitch. We also wonder how many pairs they have in stock because saying they have “enough for everyone” is a pretty bold statement when it comes to hypebeasts.

Photo: screen cap