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Meek Mill‘s latest request for bail has been denied. Yes, it’s the same judge who the Philly rapper’s lawyers say has a “vendetta” against him who made the call, even calling him a flight risk. 

Reports TMZ:

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Judge Genece Brinkley says Meek is a “flight risk” and “a danger to the community.” In denying him bail, she also questioned the validity of his clean drug tests … suggesting he might have used something called “Fast Flush” to cleanse his system.

Meek’s lawyer went to court and asked for bail pending an appeal on his 2 to 4 year prison sentence for a probation violation. The violation is tied to Meek’s 2008 conviction on drugs and weapons charges.

There’s a big move to free Meek on grounds the judge was prejudiced … biased against Meek when he would not change managers or give Judge Brinkley a shout-out in a Boyz II Men song.

A “flight risk”? Where is Meek Mill going that he wouldn’t be immediately recognized? Or at least spotted on some spy software like in The Punisher?

Just saying.

Meek’s lawyer plans to appeal.

Photo: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections