An unlikely candidate is going to take a chance and run for office in Russia, all thanks to our inspirational president Barack Obama.

Joaquim Crima, a 37-year-old native of Guinea Bissau took residence in southern Russia after acquiring a degree at a local university. In his campaign, Crima pledges to take on internal corruption and initiate development in his district on the Volga River.

Russians are entirely taken back by the notion of a Black man running for office, so much so, they’ve began to call him “the Russian Obama,” reports the Associate Press.

“I like Obama as a person and as a politician because he proved to the world what everyone thought was impossible. I think I can learn some things from him,” Crima said.

In a country where racism and racial stereotypes are just as much a part of the culture as the language, Crima’s pursuit of being appointed head of Srednyaya Aktuba district confronts one massive roadblock: he’s a Black man.

“They are often taunted on the metro and in the market,'” said Lydia Troncale of the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy, a nonprofit organization that works with African immigrants.

Much like Obama, Crima has to travel with security, his muscular brother-in-law, despite the fact he gets along with his townspeople.

In what is suspected to be a racially charged attack, a Black American exchange student was stabbed and seriously injured in Volgograd.

Crima relocated to Russia in 1989 and earned his degree from Volgograd State Pedagogical University. The area where he resides is severely underdeveloped and many residents don’t have running water and have to use outhouses. Goats graze on unpaved roads that turn to mud after rainfall.

Approximately 55,000 people live in the district that is made of 18 villages and towns.

“The current district head has been in power for 10 years, but he hasn’t done anything for people here,” said Crima. “There are young families that need housing, who need opportunities. This town and Russia are ready for a change.”

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