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A 65-year-old Texas man is recovering after being stung over 1,000 times by bees.

Lamar LaCaze of Kyle, Texas was mowing a field before being overcome by a swarm of the insects.

LaCaze says he was on his lawn mower when he was suddenly attacked and suffered 1,200 stings to his face.

He tells the U.K. Daily Mail,

“I had to spit all of them out so I could breathe. They got up my nose and down in my ears…I got so weak from all them stings. My body was already trying to shut down on me I think.”

During the attack he managed to reach his cell phone to call his son Trey who rushed over to find his dad slumped over a fence and covered by bees.

“He was not moving. When I went to pull him out he looked up. His head was black, solid bees. It looked like a bee hive on his head.”

LaCaze was doused with buckets of water and hosed down by a fire extinguisher before fire fighters arrived on the scene to rush him to the hospital.

Doctors report that they pulled out 1,200 stingers from his nose, mouth and ears.

LaCaze is believed to have disturbed a hive of over 70,000 bees that had taken over an old water heater.

He is still hospitalized from the August 31 attack but is expected to recover.

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