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Video blogger Lydia Cotton is stirring up controversy after posting a video blog criticizing the “Mean Girls Of  Morehouse”, a group of openly gay men featured in a VIBE magazine article.

The publication recently posted a story on three men who dressed in women’s clothing at Morehouse and say they were discriminated against especially after the College enforced a new dress code banning their attire.

Obviously upset by the “Mean Girls”, Cotton bashes the young men saying,

“I think Morehouse handled it brilliantly…you want a prestigious University to change their statement, their mission for building strong, intelligent Black men…you want them to change their whole history behind 5 students who don’t even know who the Fawk they are?!…who are playing dress up…What makes them so special?!”

According to Cotton, who has posted several video blogs on her Facebook page addressing hot button issues, their choice of lifestyle is an “affliction”, and a choice that homosexuals make on their own.

“Homosexuality is like any other affliction that we may have…you have your vices but don’t get it twisted. You chose this life!”

She also adds that she thinks homosexuality is a sign of the Apocalypse and supporters of the “Mean Girls” and other homosexuals are being “too soft on bullShyte.”

This is the end of the world…what you’re doing is the end of life. Is this not scary for some of y’all? Shyte terrifies me……To all you people out there talking about that is discrimination..that is some bullShyte, I think we’re getting too soft on bullShyte.”

Check out her video below.