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The 8-year old Liberian girl raped by four teenage boys is receiving more support and consolation, this time from her home country. The Deputy Ambassador of Liberia, Edwin Sele met with the girl Saturday, attempting to console her with a teddy bear and hugs. According to the Associated Press, Sele described the girl as crying heavily during their meeting and feels that she needs to be reunited with her family to get the best care possible.

“I talked with her, and I took her a teddy bear, she was very distressed. She’s really traumatized. … She cried so bitterly that I almost cried.”

Police said that four boys tricked the girl into going into a shed with them by offering her gum, then held her down and raped her. Police also reported that the girls’ father did not want her returned to their home claiming she brought shame on their family. The girl is currently in the care of Child Protective Services.

Deputy Sele met with the girl’s parents Saturday and refuted the police’s report, saying that the parents were misunderstood because of the language barrier and added that the parents are “not criminals”. Sele also noted that the girl feels as though she did something wrong, saying:

“She’s feeling like, ‘What has happened? What have I done?'”

Child Protective Services is still investigating.

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