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Rapper Wale and comedian Lil Duval recently checked in with HipHopWired in Atlanta to speak on their latest projects and their alleged mixtape together.

In our interview with the D.C. representative and the funny man, Wale shied way from questions about dating while Duval proudly told us he was, “Rawing everybody in the industry!”

Lil Duval also gave us his insight on the previous Soulja Boy and Kat Stacks drama, revealing that Soulja “must be snorting to Fawk that Beyotch”and revealed a time when the Super Groupie tried to expose him.

“She tried me one time. She tried to say I Fawked her and tried to give out a number but see I killed it. I said I didn’t know y’all want my number. So I got a phone, bought a Metro [PCS] and gave that Shyte to everybody and that just kilt her….n*ggas should know good and damn well that I wouldn’t Fawk Kat Stacks.”

We also spoke with the comedian on Natalie Nunn and other girls he’s deemed “losers”, including Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj who he considers out of his league.

Check out more with Lil Duval and Wale below.

Moving past Kat Stacks we also spoke with Wale  about a never before heard track with one of his favorite rappers, Yung Dro, that he hopes will one day surface.

“I actually have a song with Dro, I don’t know when it’s gonna come out. It’s called Whips And Cream…I did the song with L.A., Dro and a couple of other guys so we’ll see how that goes but shout out to Yung Dro.”

Wale also added that he’s been “dabbling in scripts” and plans to drop a new album in the spring.

“ I’ve got a couple of scripts I’ve been going through, I’m gonna dabble in that but spring time the new album is coming out. Got a couple of things, Fat Trel and Cobain’s mixtape is coming out too.”

During our interview Lil Duval also jokingly revealed their “secret plans” to do a mixtape together, but according to him Wale was, “Too busy doing famous Shyte all over the world and disappeared on a n*gga!”

Check out their hilarious antics below.