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Jay-Z Part Of The Illuminati???

Many people have weighed in and drawn conclusions on the subject of Jay Z and his alleged ties to an occult lifestyle.

According to famed author and occult expert Mitch Horowitz, Jay Z is not an occult member, but an imagery genius.

In an interview posted on he praises Jay for being a “genius” saying,

“No [He’s not an occultist] He’s a genius who has a very shrewd eye for kind of oppositional imagery in our culture. He uses these things and he understands the magnetism of these symbols. You know, symbols like the pentagram and the eye in the pyramid or astrological symbols, they do have a certain magnetic power. They have a pull on us.”

Horowitz also states that due to conditioning people all over the world have been trained to respond internally to certain images and being an artist Jay Z is playing on that internal appeal.

I think when you’re using imagery that comes from the ancient world or that comes from Renaissance-era occultism, there is a little something going on there,” Horowitz continued. “We’ve never quite figured out a way to digest the image of the pentagram. Some people are really attracted to it, other people recoil from it.

Jay-Z understands this and when he uses these images in his videos, on his clothing, and in other places, you know, he realizes that we are people who think in images and that you can take an image and you get a response from people.”

In conclusion, Horowitz states that people can put up their stakes and stop the crusades because Jay Z isn’t a part of any occult and if he is, he is not using imagery in his videos to spread “satanic” beliefs.

“I was asked at one point whether I thought Jay-Z was a Freemason because of some of the images that appear in his videos,” Horowitz said. “One of his videos also shows an image of Mao Tse Tung, I don’t think he’s an Agrarian Socialist. I don’t think he’s an occultist, but I do think he is probably a genius in terms of using imagery.”

Horowitz is the author of  “Occult America” and was awarded the 2010 PEN Oakland/Josephine Miles Award for literary excellence.