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CLOSE recently caught up with the legendary Windy City rapper Twista who has been busy prepping his upcoming album “The Perfect Storm,” and has been dipping his hands into many other projects.

However, one of the biggest things he spoke on was the possibility of Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, and himself, getting together to form a super group or even a collaboration album. What started as a tweet Twista sent to them, could actually be one of the dopest collabs to happen to Hip-Hop.

“That would be crazy, of course I would do that.  MAN you just sent me off into brainwaves thinking about the type of songs we would have! That would be absolutely crazy!  Definitely, really we’re all tight like that.  Me and Luda are tight when we do songs, and so are me and Busta.

I’m sure they’re cool with each other, so that might be an easy thing to bring together.  Even if we just do a project together and form a super group just for the sake of one project,  if people start taking to it, then we can keep working from there!”

Twista also continued his collaboration discussion by speaking on the rumors that have circulated about him and Stripper/Prostitute/Internet Star Kat Stacks are working together in the studio for her rap album.

“I don’t know where that came from man! I don’t even know what the girl look like. Naw, I never met her in my life, and I’m not working with her!”

Twista however said you will see him ghost writing for some of your favorite artists real soon.

“I’m actually really starting to get into the writing aspect deep right now.  I’ve mostly been writing for myself because the people I work with are such talented writers on their owns.  But due to how the music industry is, I want to start venturing out definitely get into the writing aspect.  I really am loading them up, I got jams in the vault right now so artists should hit me up!”

Make sure to look out for the full exclusive interview with Twista on Hip-Hop coming soon.