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Miami street poet Trick Daddy will be releasing his autobiography later this year called “Magic City: Trials Of A Native Son” through MTV Books. Speaking to HipHopWired exclusively about the project, Trick revealed,

“Nothing I ever say whether in music or DVD or whatever will ever get any one indicted or open any closed caskets or fu&^ up no appeals but this book is definitely gonna be a best seller and show Miami in a whole ‘nother light. “Cocaine Cowboys” was a good movie but it never showed the people who actually went out and sold the drugs. Ni**as who toted and shot the guns. Parents who got addicted to the drugs and the babies born addicted to the drugs. They don’t show and tell that part in these other documentaries and my book does all that and it also sets up a movie to follow behind that as well as a part 2 and 3 to follow.”

Trick will also be starring in the upcoming film Just Another Day co-starring members from the cast of the HBO series “The Wire” and directed by Peter Spirer. Spirer has directed numerous Hip-Hop film projects including Rhyme & Reason, Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel, Black and Blue: Legends of the Hip-Hop Cop” and Beef I and II. Braking down the film, T-Double D said,

“The flick is a Hip-Hop gangsta flick. It’s a flick about a dude that owns a record company and the other dude is a rapper with the company and they deal with a whole bunch of street sh&*. Just showing the real sh*^ that we actually go through and though we’re entertainers, we also have to live. I get to be me in the movie. I ain’t got to play no “Broke Back Mountain” scene. I ain’t got to be no rat or none of that. I was being me and doing my thug thizzle in the movie. And it was a privilege to work with these young ni**as that I admire for what they do.”

Just Another Day will also feature “The Wire’s” Wood Harris and Jamie Hector as well Lil Scrappy, Big Daddy Kane, Esther Baxter, Petey Pablo and Big Daddy Kane.