Game Wants Back In G-Unit

Even though 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks have publically said they aren’t trying to hear it and have seemed to move on, Jayceon is still pressing the issue of a possible reconciliation with his former clique.  Game recently took to Twitter again to profess his views that he would be down for a G-Unit reunion tweeting,

“I saw what he said & it is what it is.. but I kno da REAL @lloydbanks , a kool n!gga.. who loyalty is wit 50 so I respect it.”

“@50cent was a kool N***a 2 but sh!t changes sometimes, I was put in a position & I chose 2 ride wit what I BELIEVED IN, don’t REGRET Isht !! TRUST and BELIEVE that @50cent @tonyyayo & @lloydbanks felt my WRATH when it was ON !!! If they say any different it aint REAL !!! But that sh!t was 2005 & now we comin up on 2011……. I’m GROWN, EGO out the doe & I’m 100% gone keep it REAL with YALL & MYSELF !!!”

“G-unit reunion might not EVER HAPPEN but NOBODY will EVER be able 2 say “GAME” didnt MAN UP when he had 2 & GO HARD when it was MY TIME !!! I KILLED A BRAND, A CLOTHING LINE & WENT AGAINST MY OWN RECORD LABEL & STILL WENT 5 TIMES PLATINUM !!! More FAMILY orientated now…. Got a woman, 3 beautiful kids… couple houses.. drove EVERY car & been around the world 5 times…”NOT BAD FOR A COMPTON N***a”

‘& #ONMYMAMA G-UNIT will NEVER be the same unless its: @50cent @thegame @tonyyayo @youngbuckmarley & @lloydbanks ! #evenCurtisKNOWdat. & you can “RUN & TELL THAT, HOMEBOY  & we’ll see who’s WHO & what’s WHAT after the R.E.D. album drop.”

As recently reported, last week, the exiled G-Unit member took to Twitter to try to rekindle the love with his former boss, 50 Cent relaying,

“@50cent Aye N***a, get on twitter & let’s get this Isht movin !!! G-G-G-G- well, you know the rest. @50cent All it take is “ONE PHONE CALL” ! U call me, I call BUCK, tell Banks holla at Yayo & dat puts HIP HOP @ OUR MERCY ! #UknowUcdisNIGGA”

Fif has since commented on Game’s attempts to reach out via his Twitter account, tweeting,

“who is he talking about…I don’t talk to game I havnt had no communication with him in years”

Lloyd Banks later chimed in on the subject in a radio interview saying,

“Its too late to cry over spilled milk,” and adding, I would be interested to see if those same attempts to reach out to 50 Cent would be happening if he had #1 record on the radio right now.”

Game’s fourth solo LP, The R.E.D Album is set for a 2011 release, with no official release date.

What do you think? Is Game trying to gain publicity for his album, which has been pushed back several times? Or is his olive branch genuine?

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