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Although we are all anticipating the Floyd Mayweather Jr./Manny Pacquaio fight, one person who does not want to see the fight happen is Floyd Mayweather’s dad.

In a recent interview, Floyd Mayweather spoke about being concerned for his son to fight Manny:

I’m just saying this right here, my concern is for my son’s protection. My concern is for my son’s life, that’s why. If my son’s fighting that little man, I’m concerned about my son’s life. That’s what I’m telling you.”

He also says that Pacquiao pretended to be hurt by a body shot thown by Antonio Margarito in their match last weekend. Floyd Sr thinks some kind of ruse unfolded during the fight because both men are managed by Bob Arum.

“I think well you know, both of them are with Bob Arum and I think that he didn’t care about one as much as he cared about the other one. That’s what I believe, and I believe that he didn’t care about one as much as the other one. I believe that Pacquiao, to me there was no doubt anyway. I told everybody that Pacquiao is going to beat him up real bad or stop him, and that’s what he did. Pacquiao caught myself I believed, when the guy hit him to the body, I can’t say who told Pacquiao to act like he did, like he was hurt. Man, he wasn’t hurt. Believe me. He might have been hurt before when he got his A$$ whopped by one of them little bitty fighters when he was fighting in a smaller weight class when he got stopped when a guy hit him to the body. But now, when he got hit this time by a much, much, much bigger man, he got hit solid.

Floyd finishes the interview by restating his concern for his son:

“Me myself personally, if they had the fight I’d tell my son not to fight him! Not because my son can’t beat him, because my son could beat him easy. He’s nothing big. He’s nothing hard to find. He can be found, and even Margarito showed you can hit him when you want to hit him. How in the hell is Margarito hitting somebody as big and slow as he is? He couldn’t hit me in my sleep. So how in the world is he hitting this man now? I know my son is different. He’d tear him apart, but the whole thing is I’m like this right here. If I was my son, I have my reasons why I would not fight that man. I would have my reasons for not fighting that little bitty man. I got my reasons why, and I ain’t got to tell nobody nothing. Everybody knows what time it is.”