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50 Cent Praises Nicki Minaj

50 Cent has decided to share his opinion about Young Money Princess Nicki Minaj and talks about why he feels that she is the most skillful femcee in the game.

In an interview with on the set of Jeremiah’s video “Down On Me”, Fif states that Nicki has not only earned her status in Hip-Hop but mastered the art of creating a lane where there was none.

“She’s the only female around, period,” 50 said. “She has a lane that’s been closed that she just busted open on her own, and she’s an amazing talent. A lot of artists, I personally am not excited by, but her, particularly, she impressed me on that ‘Bottoms Up’ remix.”

Although 50 expressed his support of Nicki, he also states that he still supports Lil’ Kim.

“I understand why people make the comparison between her and Kim, because of the wigs, the hair,” 50 continued. “But I kind of see similarities in her and Foxy’s career. Foxy was in the Firm and down with Jay-Z, the way Nicki was in Young Money, and down with Gucci [Mane]. I see that the same way they kind of came in with the support of two crews, like Foxy did.”

Check out the video below:

50 Cent compares Nicki to Foxy Brown