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Baby Drinks Methadone From Sippy Cup And Dies

Talk about child neglect…

Authorities in Jacksonville, FL have arrested a woman after a 2-year-old boy drank methadone from a sippy cup and died.

Police say  Masia Wright drank a lethal dose of methadone, which was reportedly  left in the cup by the woman watching him.

Dana Anderson, who is dating the child’s father, was   charged with aggravated manslaughter.  Police say she admitted to leaving methadone in the sippy cup, which was on top of a dresser in her bedroom.

Can u say STUPID!!!!

KTLA in Florida reports that the child’s father, Ernest Wright, told WJXT-TV that this was a tragic accident.

“I just want everybody to know it was an accident, she would never do nothing like that.”

According to Wright,   the sippy cup was on top of the dresser, which stands at least four feet tall and the baby somehow got his hands on it.

“She had it on this dresser so while he was coming down the steps he probably seen the cup right there and he drunk it,” he told the station.

The amount of methadone in the cup was four times the recommended daily dose for an adult, according to WAWS-TV, which also reported that Anderson has several prior arrests, some for drugs.

Wright says Anderson treated Masia as if he was one of her own children.

She’s being held on $1 million bail.

R.I.P. Lil’ Masia




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