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Nicki Minajmay appear to have many personalities, but in her behind the scenes documentary ‘Nicki Minaj: My Time Now’, she shows off her sensitive and domineering side.

On the behind the scenes sneak peek on, Nicki discusses double standards in the industry and why women must stay strong to be respected.

“I put quality in everything that I do,” Nicki rants. “So if I show up at a photo shoot and you have a $50 clothes budget and sliced pickles on the muthaf**kin’ table-you damn right I am going to leave.”

Nicki also talks about the pressures of being a woman in the industry and how multi-tasking personalities should not be a part of managing success.

“You know it’s hard being a Beyotch,” Nicki continued. “If you are woman who is assertive, you’re a Beyotch, but a man is a boss – and no one ever says anything about a boss. But women are expected to be strong, assertive, and on top of things all while having a great attitude, but you know what I’m human, so no-I’m not doing it.”

‘Nicki Minaj: My Time Now’ will air November 28th at 10pm on MTV

Check out the video below: