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A Mexican soap opera actress is seeking to produce a tell-all movie based on Jennifer Lopez’s early life but Lopez isn’t having it, and has taken action to stop production of the film.

Claudia Vasquez, business partner and former girlfriend to Jenifer’s ex-husband Ojani Noa, is taking action as well however and suing Lopez for $10 million in damages for her interference with the project.

Lopez is determined to stop the film, which has received backing from NBC and Telemundo, because it contains revealing home movies that she didn’t want going public.

“She is using her money and her power to stop everything,” Vasquez said. “She is not God. She behaves like she is the super power and that’s not acceptable. I was very, very patient for over a year but because she is dragging out this case by appealing and not appearing (in court.) I decided we needed to resolve this.”

Lopez attorney John H. Lavely would not return phones calls to comment on the matter.

The home videos they were looking to use were shot over a three year time frame during Jennifer’s relationship with Noa.

The two were married in 1997, and divorced after only 11 months.

“Her fans have never seen any of this footage,” said  filmaker Ed Meyer. “Every day that goes by is a day that she has restrained us from making the movie. We are worried that we will lose backers.”

Meyer believes the movie could make millions, and details the contents of the home videos.

“There is one scene of her on a scooter with no underwear and in a hotel room leaving nothing to the imagination,” Meyer said. “Then she is yelling at her mother that she gambles her money away and she is sick of it. And there’s one that shows her going to an under-$10 dress shop and buying a dress that she wears on the red carpet and fans think it’s worth thousands.”

Other scenes reportedly show the singer giving a woman a lapdance and kissing her.

Meyer hopes to use Sean “Diddy” Combs, who set a case to stop an alleged sex tape from leaking,  to prove that Lopez is making untruthful statements.

Vasquez claims it was only because Noa gave her a copy of the script that she was aware of the film.

“We are not showing any sex videos or anything, we were researching and writing the script when she filed the lawsuit out of the blue,” Vasquez added.

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