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Tracy Morgan Takes A Break After Kidney Transplant

Comedian and 30 Rock Star Tracy Morgan is recovering after the completion of a successful kidney transplant.

According to published reports, Morgan is taking some time off from the show to recover from the surgery that took place on December 12.  Morgan had to undergo the surgery, after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Although Morgan learned he had diabetes about 15 years ago, it wasn’t until years later, when he got very sick, that be began to take the disease seriously. Fans may have noticed a dramatic weight loss with the comedian, but he attributes it all to taking his health more seriously.

In an interview with Time, Morgan explains the seriousness of his diagnosis and why he decided to start taking care of himself.

“The doctor was like, ‘Hey, listen, we may have to take your foot.’”, Morgan explained in the interview. “That was it for me. Now I take my insulin every day. My blood sugar doesn’t get over 120.”

As of press time, there was no word on when Morgan is expected to return.

Hip-Hop wishes Tracy Morgan a speedy recovery.


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