Gena Tew has proven she is a fighter but it seems she has another bout on her hands. She is now blind in one eye. 


Unfortunately, they didn't specify on which songs were played or which artists were used.

Zion Williamson is finding out the hard way that he isn’t guaranteed a hall of fame career. The top draft pick has already gone under the knife before the official start of his first year in the league.

Hate her or love her Kash Doll seems to be as transparent as they come. She had admitted to going under the knife.

Kevin Hart was involved in a terrible car wreck over the weekend and it is truly miraculous that he and his fellow passengers survived judging by the images that have surfaced. The comedian and actor underwent surgery to address his back injuries, and is expected to make a full recovery but is looking at plenty […]

This is a new beginning... see his message below.

The world’s first man to undergo a full face transplant held his first press conference to speak about the success of his surgery. The 31-year-old Spanish man, who is only identified by the name Oscar, spoke with considerable difficulty at the news conference held at Vall d’Hebron hospital, where he was operated on in late […]

The quest for a fuller bottom turned out to have consequences for six women as they were hospitalized after receiving injections that looked to enhance their rear ends. Reports state that the procedures went wrong, according to state health officials, and were administered by unlicensed providers. Since the incident, the women have undergone surgery and […]