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50 Cent Shovels Snow

Most of us were stuck in doors the past few days due to the effects of predicted blizzard and 50 Cent was no exception. So what better way to make a quick (and legal) Benjamin Franklin than pushing some snow?

He said via Twitter:

“I’m going out to shovel snow and see if I can make me a few extra dollars today. I’m charging more if they want to take pictures

I want a hundred dollars per house. I bet anybody ill make a grand moving snow today.

I want a hundred dollars if your stuck. Ill get you out. Lol”

Apparently his scheme was successful, and Curtis was able to book some work.

“I’m paying 30 dollars and hour I only want 3 workers that 90 dollars and hour but I think we can do all 4 in a hour in a half. Lol

this snow moving business is just to see if laws apply to every business. After the first job I got 4 more now I have 3 kid I hired.

One is a cute kid he has on a snow suit. So I’m sending him to ring the door bell to ask if we can shovel there snow. Lol”

Glad to see someone was able to make their snow day productive.

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