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Rock N’ Roller Lenny Kravitz, took some time out to let fans know just how important the late great Teena Marie was to his life and career.

In a heartfelt video on Youtube, Kravitz expressed his gratitude to Teena Marie for taking him in as a young teen striving to make it in the music business.

“I don’t think anyone understands how great of a person she truly was,” Kravitz said in the video. “She took me in when I was around 16… I was just a musician on the street, I was living from pillar to post. She took me in, she gave me a bedroom, she fed me, she cooked for me, and she took care of me, taught me everything I know.”

In addition to expressing how he felt about the late songstress personally, he also praised her professionally, donning her a “genius composer and arranger.”

“I just want to say that Teena Marie was a treasure. A genius. Composer, arranger, singer, musician. Unique… underrated by far,” Kravitz continued. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Teena. She gave me instruments to play, she took me to all her recording sessions. She took me to concerts. She nurtured me and helped me to become who I am.”

As previously reported, the legendary singer passed away on December 26 from unknown complications. Although the details behind what caused the singers death are still unknown, the industry is definitely mourning the loss of another legend.

Check out the emotional video below:


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