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After constantly getting dragged for selling out for the likes of Fox News and attempting to slander Auntie Maxine Waters, Stacey Dash seems to be trying to reintroduce herself to the culture by co-starring in Dame Dash’s upcoming movie, Honor Up.

Unfortunately for Stacey, Jemele Hill is having none of it.

Almost as soon as the promo poster of the upcoming film dropped, the ESPN host spotted the jig and took to Twitter to properly ether Stacey for attempting to gain favor with the culture after being spectacularly expelled from Trump country earlier this year.

“Well well, look who’s back. Running right back to a black audience after working overtime to shame black people daily on national television. Well done.”

But Ms. Hill wasn’t done there. She expounded on her original statement when she added “I just find it really interesting Ms. Why Isn’t there a White History Month (yeah she said that) is constantly positioning herself with an audience she clearly despises, on some level.”

Interestingly enough Stacey Dash wasn’t even aware that she was a part of Dame Dash’s film and slammed her cousin for taking advantage of their family ties to promote his film.

While Stacey says Dame was never given permission to use her image she doesn’t say whether or not she’ll be in the film. Either way we still love Jemele Hill for pulling her card the way she did.