Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash recently revealed her past battles with addiction and says she relies heavily on her Christian faith to get her through.

The Clueless actress has since walked back her support of Trump, her time on Fox News, and is apologizing for her past words but Black Twitter is especially unforgiving in this instance.

During her recent interview with longtime friend, Vivica Fox, for her podcast Hustling with Vivica Fox, McCoy revealed new details about the verbal spat she had with her former co-star Stacey Dash on the set of the VH1 show, Single Ladies.

Stacy Dash's soon to be ex-husband isn't wrapped too tight. After an already questionable decision of becoming the Clueless actress' 4th/ hubbie, he is now claiming it only went down because he was hypnotized.

Stacey Dash has embraced yet another L. GOP flunkie and Karen wannabe Stacey Dash has filed for divorce from her fourth husband.

Stacey Dash continues to live the life of impeccable struggle. The Clueless actress and staunch Republican has announced she is splitting from her fourth husband.


After caping for the likes of Donald Trump and disrespecting Auntie Maxine Waters, it didn’t surprise anyone that social media had a field day this past Sunday when Clueless star Stacey Dash found herself rocking some stylish steel bracelets on her way to central bookings for domestic battery.

How the mighty have fallen. Actress and Trump-loving MAGA-advocate Stacey Dash claims she can’t afford her own attorney to deal with the domestic violence charges she is currently facing.

Stacey Dash’s descent to struggle is only speeding up. The world just got more of an inside look behind her recent booking.

Republican Stacey Dash just caught a dub. The Clueless actress and proud shuffle footing woman of color was arrested for domestic violence, and Twitter is elated with the slander.

Clueless star Stacey Dash is officially off the market she secretly got married earlier this year according to reports.

Stacey Dash dove into the shallow end of the conservative pool years ago, and the actress has yet again captured a gigantic L for sticking to her right-wing guns. A film which tackles the controversial Roe V. Wade decision of 1973 lost its entire crew and funding, with Dash playing a true-to-form pro-life character in […]