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After caping for the likes of Donald Trump and disrespecting Auntie Maxine Waters, it didn’t surprise anyone that social media had a field day this past Sunday when Clueless star Stacey Dash found herself rocking some stylish steel bracelets on her way to central bookings for domestic battery.

What is indeed surprising though is that in Dash’s arrest file her ethnicity was listed as, wait for it, “white.” Huh?!

TMZ is reporting that the controversial actress who is the product of a Black father and Mexican mother was jotted down as a white woman on her arrest report because, well, the officer thought she was Hispanic. Yup, we don’t get it either. And while most people were quick to believe that Dash herself stated she was Caucasian, it was the officers at the department that decided to label her a “W.”

A spokesperson for the Pasco Sheriff’s Department tells us, “Stacey Dash was never asked her race by the arresting deputy, nor did she volunteer any information about her race. The arresting deputy assumed that she was Hispanic.”

Unfortunately, police computers do not have a “Hispanic” option when it comes time to fill out these reports even though Hispanics make up 15% of the population in Pasco County. So they decided to list her as “White” because, well, we don’t know. They could’ve just as easily gone with her actual half-race of “Black” but whatever.

Still though, no tears shall be shed for Stacey Dash whether White, Black or Hispanic. Maybe Asian, we don’t know.