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The L’s just keep coming for Apple as we close out 2017 and we are sure Apple CEO Tim Cook and the ghost of Steve Jobs just want to put the year 2017 in rice. Reported by Business Insider Italia an Italian company named after Apple’s creator Steve Jobs just handed the tech giant one of their most embarrassing L’s ever and there is nothing they can do about it. 

Now we are sure you’re wondering how in the world did Apple allow this happen? Why isn’t Steve Jobs name even trademarked? Well, this apparently has been an ongoing battle for years between two brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato and Apple. They are the owners of the company “Steve Jobs”, a clothing and accessory line named after Apple’s iconic founder. The two brothers noticed back in 2012 that Apple never trademarked Jobs’ name.

You can’t be serious Apple.

Of course, Apple decided to sue them over the trademark and lost their fight in court. According to la Repubblica Napoli, Apple didn’t help their case because they went after brothers for the logo instead of the ummmm actual name itself. Their main focus is the stylized letter “J” in the logo that looks like a bite has been taken out if and features an “Apple-esque” leaf. The courts, however, ruled in the brother’s favor and responded to Apple by saying the “J” in question is not edible. Therefore the company is not is not ripping off Apple’s iconic logo and upheld the brother’s trademark.

Steve Jobs must be destroying his black turtlenecks in the big Apple Store in the sky right now.

To rub more salt in Apple’s fresh wound, the brothers also plan to release their own line of electronics as well under the same name. So yeah there is an actual probability there can be a cell phone not made by Apple with Steve Jobs name on it.


Maybe the two companies can come to some sort of agreement in the future and they can make capsule collection of turtlenecks and blue denim jeans along with accessories. We are just trying to find the silver lining in all of this for Apple who probably can’t wait for this year to end.

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