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Without question, a huge segment of the population cannot wait until next month’s debut of Marvel’s Black Panther film starring Chadwick Boseman in the main role. Adding to the excitement, Toys “R” Us has rolled out a partial listing of the character biographies along with announcing a new toy line just in case fans new to the franchise need a primer of sorts.

The Toys “R” Us site, in conjunction with toymaker Hasbro, really pulled out all the stops, complete with a timer on the top of the page counting down the days until the film’s Feb. 16 release. Fans young and old alike have a wide selection of items to choose from, including figurines of Black Panther, and corresponding bios for characters Okoye, Nakia, Shuri, and others.

“As the new king of Wakanda, T’Challa is struggling to cope with the loss of his father T’Chaka, but is determined to live up to his great legacy. When Wakanda finds herself beset by two enemies intent on the nation’s downfall, Black Panther must use his new suit and heightened strength, speed and senses to defend Wakanda and the rest of the world,” read the bio for King T’Challa/Black Panther.

“The head of the Dora Milaje, an all-female special forces group, Okoye is a fiercely loyal protector of Wakanda who isn’t afraid to question her king, but would defend him with her life. A staunch traditionalist who is as formidable with her spear as she is with her tongue, Okay finds herself torn between her allegiance to her country and her king when T’Challa begins to challenge ancient Wakandan rules,” reads the bio for Okoye, played by Danai Gurira.

Check out the rest of the biographies by following this link. We’ve also seen a couple of images of the toys in brief on Instagram that we’ve shared below.

Photo: Hasbro