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The name of the immortal George Clinton may not ring a bell to most millennials, but that isn’t keeping him from appreciating the new crop of stars in the music game.

During a Reddit AMA, the head of the Parliament & Funkadelic Voltron and Godfather of Funk answered some fan questions for a few hours and revealed that he’s still got that funky ear to the streets.

When he was asked what music currently gets burn on his playlist, GC surprised many when he said “Flying Lotus, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z’s new album, Tra’Zae, and all that sh*t coming out of Atlanta. All that trap shit. I’m trapped in it. Medicaid Fraud Dog, that’s on my mind right now.”

We can’t say we saw that coming but then again this is George Clinton. We shouldn’t be surprised. This man was and still is ahead of his time.

Having fun with random questions Clinton also confirmed that his drug of choice is still “The Chronic” (those George Clinton samples that Dr. Dre flipped on The Chronic are still phenomenal!), and remembered the craziest moment during his performance happened in the late 70’s.

“Norman, Oklahoma. 1978. A girl came up on the stage in overalls. Dropped her pants to her ankles. Turned around. Put a joint up her butt. And blew three smoke rings. We couldn’t finish the show because we couldn’t stop laugh. We tried 3 or 4 times to continue. Even took a break and we couldn’t stop laughing.”

Say what you will but that’s pretty impressive. Especially for someone back in the 70’s.