Despite having one of the hottest pens in Rap, Quavo is looking to multi-task even further. He has been producing beats and might be making his production debut on Culture 2.

In a recent interview with Real 92.3 in Los Angeles, the trap trio revealed that their frontman has spent sometime behind the boards. When asked about the upcoming album Offset gave kudos to him for giving the project his sonic touch. “My boy Qua been going crazy on the beats.”

Huncho chimed in giving more details to the announcement. “I’ve been going crazy on the fingers, you dig?” adds Quavo. “I did a couple beats with Kanye, me and [DJ] Durel.” Other than stating he is currently experimenting with FL Studio FKA Fruity Loops the Huncho Jack member didn’t give away many more secrets.

He did go on to detail how Yeezy still has the love for crafting beats thus inspiring him further to try get his hands dirty with equipment. “It’s crazy. He’s got a crazy, different feel. He’s got all his old sh*t that he had from like coming in making beats and he still use his original box and his original keyboards. He’s still got his old hard drives, and all his samples and all the beat. Just to see that he still cherish the old stuff that he came in with, know that he still respect the grind.”

You view the entire interview segment where they also discuss working with Pharrell and a rumored Takeoff solo album below.

Via Complex