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Doritos and Mountain Dew are siding with the culture for their upcoming Super Bowl advertisement. Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott have been handpicked to star in a new campaign.

Known for their rapid delivery the legendary MC’s will take on a coaching role  for the consumer packaged brands. In a minute long teaser actors Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage are seen psyching themselves up in front of a mirror with each representing Mountain Dew Ice and Doritos Blaze respectively.

Elliott and Busta instruct the thespians in the art of flawlessly spitting tongue twisters. Misdemeanor guides Freeman with perfecting “Peter Piper” and Bus mentors Dinklage with the ever tricky “How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck?”

Both understudies seem to be taking the challenge very seriously which adds to the hilarity of the campaign. Apparently they will do battle during the Mountain Dew / Doritos’ official Super Bowl commercial.

You can watch the clip below.