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Andy Ternay

Source: Facebook photo / facebook

While Donald Trump‘s racial crusade to make Amerikkka white again is being embraced by his core base and closeted racists, there are a lot of woke white folks who aren’t too keen on Agent Orange’s “presidency” nor the direction he’s taking the country.

One such man is Andy Ternay who over the weekend found out that wearing a t-shirt that read “F*ck Trump And F*ck You For Voting For Him” in Trump country wouldn’t go over too well with some people. The Texas man took to his FaceBook page to explain how his shirt got him and his wife removed from a local eatery when the manager asked him to leave because customers were “distressed” by his shirt and children might see it.

“I expressed deep sympathies and let her know that explaining “grab ‘em by the pussy” and golden showers to my daughter was equally unpleasant. A Latino woman checking me out tells me she loves my shirt and I thanked her.”

Unfortunately Trumpians were so distraught by a simple shirt that not only did the owners of the restaurant got involved in the situation but eventually the police show up to make sure the man left. Seriously? This is the kind of thing that happens in dictatorships. Not a democratic state. That notion isn’t lost on Ternay as he stated “Challenge authoritarianism anywhere and everywhere … otherwise, it wins.”

Ultimately the Texan knows what’s at stake and if making a simple statement means alienating some people while letting others know he’s morally just, so be it.

“Everywhere I go with this shirt, white males sneer and people of color smile and give me thumbs up. I think it is very worthwhile to let people of color know they are not alone – that some whites also see the evil of racism is resurgent – and we will fight with our brothers and sisters of color against it.”


Photo: Facebook