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Andrea X left the states after suffering under the weight of gentrification, racism, and the white power structure in America in general. After creating an exclusive retreat specifically for women of color, the former Brooklyn resident is finding that other women are in need of that same escape.

On HBO’s Vice News Tonight, a segment aired that focused on Andrea X’s The Women of Color Healing Retreat in Puerto Viejo. With the elimination of white people in this space, Andrea X is providing something many of women of color never get to experience in their respective towns and cities stateside.

“I left the United States because I was sick of the gentrification [and] racism, just dealing with being this Black woman and trying to figure it out, ” Andrea X said to Vice News Tonight. She moved to Costa Rica in 2014 after a vacation, using all of her personal savings to create what she frames as a safe space for Black women and other women of color.

Vice News Tonight also spoke with a number of women who came to retreat and all found the space Andrea X created as a necessity. And in a telling moment in the interview, Andrea X says that her annoyance with white micro-aggression moved her to  remove “white people from my personal life.”

Of course, white folks are in an uproar thanks to Daily Mail and Vice News Tonight, and other outlets tweeting out the story giving rise to a number of negative responses via social media. Sadly, these dimwits kind of prove Andrea X’s point in some ways.

The delicious flow of white years is really something to see, and we’ve collected some of those butt-hurt responses below. But first, take in Vice News Tonight‘s segment on Andrea X and her Costa Rican no-whites-allowed retreat.

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