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Atlanta Season 2, Episode 2 stills

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Atlanta is really serious about this “robbin season” theme for season 2. Episode 2, titled “Sportin Waves” (you will find out why later) starts off with another out of the ordinary, but relatable to some, jux situation. 


Alfred aka Paper Boi pays a visit to his drug plug to re-up on that gas and pills. This looks like a normal drug transaction at first, the plug praises Paper Boi’s new record but he seems kind of nervous. Al eventually notices something is not right with this meet but it’s too late as his plug pulls out a gun on him.

We become witnesses to one of the most polite robberies in the history of cable television.  The stick-up kid seems genuinely sorry he is robbing Al, saying sorry every chance he gets. He even tells Al after he takes his car keys to make sure he doesn’t follow him that he would offer him a ride home but he doesn’t want him coming out of the crib shooting at him. He pulls off promising to pay him back.


Twitter had a field day processing what they just witnessed.

Only on this show.

Unfortunately for Paper Boi he has to find a new plug. He spends a good portion of the episode looking for one and they were all unsuccessful due to his newfound fame. The first meeting with a potential connect he encounters with Darius starts off good, but while they are inspecting the product he decides to take a photo Paper Boi on his phone.

Paper Boi is beside himself wondering why he would do that? He says no and gets up, while they are inspecting the goods Darius phone goes off. Darius checks the notification to see it’s a selfie of the plug with himself and Paper Boi with drugs in their hands with the caption “real ni**as working”.

On to the next one.

Darius sets up another meeting, this time with a hippy looking white plug named Andy. This has to work out right? So they sample his goods and that checks out. The plug even offers to give Paper Boi a discount because he and his girl are big fans. Things start to get a bit weird again when the plug asks for a pic but it turns out he was joking.

He asks for Paper Boi’s number and of course he’s reluctant to hand it over but he eventually puts his info in the phone. That’s it they got a new plug, everything is good until Paper Boi’s phone goes as soon as he gets in his car.

Andy sends a Paper Boi a video of his girlfriend covering doing an acoustic version of his record “Paper Boi.” He then adds Paper Boi to a group chat with his girlfriend and tries to set up a meet up. Paper Boi angrily throws his phone away and drives off.

This show is brilliant!

Photo: FX


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