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Source: The 89th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals Featuring: Ava Duvernay Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 27 Feb 2017 Credit: Apega/

Ava DuVernay might’ve missed the opportunity to become a part of the Marvel family when she passed on directing Black Panther. But she’s now officially getting down with DC as she’s been tapped to helm their upcoming film, The New Gods.

According to Gizmodo the Wrinkle in Time director is slated to tell Jack Kirby’s 70’s story of Gods like Superman’s nemesis Darkseid who are part of a supreme race that live on two planets: New Genesis and Apokolips. The two planets were once one but torn apart when the old Gods died during Ragnarok (note: this has nothing to do with Thor: Ragnarok).

The story has many interesting elements to it and for decades DC fans have sworn by this series. Now they will see this fan favorite series manifested on the big screen.

For anyone who’s seen Justice League they might’ve heard Steppenwolf reference Darkseid throughout the film but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see the one villain who can easily scrape the floor with the Man of Steel.

According to Variety this will take the DC cinematic world into the cosmic realm of their universe and who better to take it there than a rising star like DuVernay? Lord knows that DC need’s this kind of shot in the arm as their biggest swings in Batman v. Superman and Justice League weren’t just misses, they were foul-tipped third out strikes to many.

No word yet on whether or not we’ll see Superman, Wonder Woman anyone else make any cameo appearances in DuVernay’s New Gods, but even if they don’t we won’t care. Ava’s got this.

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