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Crystal Sutton, the wife of former Bad Boy artist G-Dep, has spoken out about her husband’s incarceration in a recent interview.

After confessing a murder accidentally about someone he believed was dead, G-Dep’s Crystal Sutton is finally speaking up about the recent happening’s involving her husband. Although the couple has been separated for a year Sutton shared a great deal of incite on Trevell in her interview with Vibe.

In her interview with Coleman even recounted the exact moment when she found out her husband was in jail for murder.

“All I could do was stare at my boys,” Coleman explained. “So many thoughts went through my mind. All of these emotions are going through me and I’m just trying to stay calm and register all of this. I was smoking a thousand cigarettes. I was on the floor of my room crying and praying. I couldn’t eat or do anything.”

When asked if she would be surprised if Trevell was found guilty of murder, Sutton stated she firmly believes he is not guilty.

“Yeah. It’s not him. Trevell doesn’t even smack his sons for doing something wrong,” said Sutton.


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