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March For Our Lives In Washington, DC

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters in Washington, DC alone and thousands more across the globe made this past weekend’s March For Our Lives a resounding success. But of course, there were those ready to irrationally hate on the movement—usually old white men scared that their reigns on power are quickly slipping out of their grasp.

Let’s start with Pat Buchannan. A racist who people still bother with asking questions, for whatever reason.

Patty Boy thought all those eloquent kids who spoke on the stage weren’t very thoughtful. What protest was he watching?

Then there is Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King, a devout White Supremacist, who decided to come for Emma Gonzalez (whose speech was one of Saturday’s most powerful moments) and her Cuban heritage.

Don’t be fooled, King’s claim is factually inaccurate (and note that he is attacking a victim). Also, Gonzalez’s classmate David Hogg hit back with panache on her behalf.

Three is a trend, so next up is Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist whose life is the utmost struggle. This guy thinks the protests were a ploy to kill gun owners. Seriously.

Let us end with Rick Santorum, a former GOP Senator. He suggested kids instead of looking for someone else to solve their problems, should take CPR classes. We’ll let the woke homie Hogg address Santorum’s diarrhea of the brain below.

Noticing a pattern? If you’re an old white man who is down for the cause, you have nothing to worry about. If you’re an old white man and offended, you’re part of the problem, and your time is up.

By the way these guys are reacting, the kids must be doing something right.

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