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Tyrone Hankerson Jr. Roland Martin Interview

Source: Roland Martin / Youtube

In a now-deleted Medium blog post, Howard University Law School student Tyrone Hankerson Jr. became the chief culprit in an alleged scam that led to $1 million in grant funds to be taken away from students. In a sit-down with Roland Martin, Hankerson told his side of the story while maintaining his innocence. 

Hankerson was flanked by his lawyer for the discussion in where he stated that he was never fired or approached by the university over the embezzling of funds and believes he’s being made a scapegoat to get current president Dr. Wayne Frederick ousted from office as school dorm and building conditions have struggled.

Further on in the discussion, Hankerson shared that he’s only gotten about $200,000 in official grant money from the university, and made money by working year round. As for his fashion stunt game? Hankerson said his mother taught him about “balling on a budget” and that he knows the right people in the industry for some of his part-time modeling fashion shoots.

Check out the full interview with Tyrone Hankerson Jr. and Roland Martin, then draw your own conclusions. Sound off in the comments section if you’d like.

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