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Boston Celtics fans are sick. Today (April 5), the team announced the star point guard Kyrie Irving will miss the remainder of the season and the playoffs after he underwent surgery on his left knee.

Reports the NBA:

Irving underwent left knee surgery on March 24 to remove a tension wire in his left knee that was placed to fix the left patellar fracture he suffered during the 2015 NBA Finals. At the time, the Celtics expected Irving to return to basketball activities in three to six weeks. However, according [sic] a statement by the Celtics, “pathology indicated the presence of a bacterial infection at the site of the hardware. To ensure that no infection remains in the knee, the screws will be removed.”

The team says Irving is expected to make a full recovery in 4-5 months.

Irving will undergo a second procedure this Saturday to remove the screws.

The Boston Celtics are currently the 2nd seed out of the Eastern conference despite Irving not having played since March 11.

Irving took to Instagram to let fans know he was in good spirits and encourage them to still support the team.

Excuse this Celtics fan while he goes and drinks some whiskey.

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