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Jay-Z has a number of President Donald Trump stans in their little feelings, especially those over at the Fox News network. After the Brooklyn mogul said during a recent interview that Trump is “bringing out an ugly side of America,” Tomi Lahren hopped into her struggle-mobile and threw shots at Hov while also mentioning his support of Hillary Clinton.

Jay-Z sat down with David Letterman for Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction for a candid chat about a variety of issues. The Trump quip was aimed in a fashion to suggest conversations about race in America are certainly on the uptick since the election results. However, it appears that Jay-Z’s jab set off the media Right, and Lahren’s rant went to places it probably didn’t need to.

From the Lahren’s Final Thoughts broadcast:

And, Jay-Z, it’s pretty ironic you’re suggesting Donald Trump is a racist when you campaigned for Hillary Clinton… remember that?

That would be Hillary Clinton, the woman who called young black Americans “super predators,” the one who stood by Bill when he signed the $30 billion Clinton Crime bill that imposed the death penalty on dozens more crimes, and mandated life sentences for some three-time offenders. Yep, black arrest rates for drug offenses doubled from 1984 to 2000 thanks, in no small part, to The Clintons; who you stood on stage and campaigned for.

Oh, but please, Jay-Z, tell us how problematic Donald Trump is for black Americans.


Lahren’s commentary on Jay-Z should be largely ignored because it was nothing but a stump job for Trump endorsed by the so-called “fair and balanced” Fox News.

Check out Lahren’s Jay-Z rant below.

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