Finally, we get to Tommie and her ongoing issues with her family specifically her mom and her sister Versace. The spicy cast member met up with her mom to talk and she begged her to meet up with Versace to fix the situation between them. We could only focus on what was going on with Tommie’s mother’s hair at the moment.


Well anyway, Tommie agrees to the meet up but in typical Love and Hip-Hop fashion this situation will know go well. The setting turned out to be a family portrait setting with a 70’s theme. The family was having fun but when Tommie showed up (drunk) she was not here for it all.

Things go left quickly with Tommie, her momma and Versace getting into it. The words being said you would think these women were not even related. Twitter couldn’t believed what they just witnessed on their TV screens and thinks Iylana needs to step in and fix Tommie and her families lives.

We hope Tommie and her family can get over their issues seriously. This is no way for a family to act on national television but knowing Tommie that is not happening no time soon. In fact she may have something up her sleeve cause the episoe ends with her meeting up with Scrap’s baby mama. We shall see where this rabbit hole leads us next week.

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