The ongoing saga that is Kirk and his ain’t sh*t ways continues. It does seem that Kirk is trying to man up and fix his life and get back in his home with Rasheeda and his kids. He meets up with his baby mama and we find out he hasn’t seen the woman in  2 years or his new son Kanon (we think that’s how his name is spelled).

Surprisingly the meeting between the two goes very well and Jasmine reveals to Kirk that she is no longer in a swinger relationship for the benefit of her son. She shows Kirk a video of his son and he is taken back by how adorable he is and says “I did that.”

Twitter is too through with Kirk though and let their voices be heard in 280 characters or less.

He also met with Rasheeda and let him know she’s not ready to meet Kirk’s new son but she is down with Kanon or Cannon meeting with his siblings. We know these two are going to eventually get back together again. We’re hoping Rasheeda surprises us.


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