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Of course, Sega wasn’t going to let Nintendo have all of the fun. The company announced that it will drop a mini version of the classic Mega Drive aka Sega Genesis system.

Sega also announced they will bring at least 15 classic games to the Nintendo Switch as well. Sonic The Hedgehog, Phantasy Star and Thunder Force 4 are among those coming to Switch owners later this Summer.

First released on October 29th,1988, in Japan then making it’s way to North America on August 14th, 1989, Sega sold over 30 million of the system that rivaled the popular Super Nintendo console. The tentatively named “Mega Drive Mini”‘s release will coincide with the iconic console’s 30th anniversary and promises to feature a number of classic titles that made the system great.

This is not the first time Sega has thrown their name in the retro console hat though. Sega licensed their name to the hardware company AtGames and released the Sega Genesis Flashback console and it wasn’t well-received. AtGames announced on their Facebook page that will be supplying the hardware for the Mega Drive Mini but since has removed the announcement.

Sega’s forthcoming retro console looks like it will take a page out Nintendo’s book with their ridiculously popular NES Classic and SNES Classic retro consoles. No exact release date has been announced yet  (our guess is sometime in October) but according to Polygon, the mini console will release in Japan first just like the original did almost 30-years ago.

As to what games will be on it? That is also up in the air but we have a few ideas of what we would like to see pre-loaded on the system when it officially drops.

On top of the new mini-console news, Sega also announced they licensed out some of their classic titles to land on iOS and Android devices. Are you guys excited for the Mega Drive Mini? Let us know what games you hope come pre-loaded on the system.

Photo: Sega