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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Source: Disney/Lucas Film / Disney/ Lucas Film

We were already sold on Solo: A Star Wars Story because of Donald Glover’s involvement in the film. A new TV spot shining the spotlight on a young Chewbacca has us even more intrigued.

Clearly, the folks at Disney know they need more than a young Han Solo to sell this film.

The TV spot started running on national television last night and sheds more light on the iconic Wookie and his budding relationship with up and coming smuggler Solo in the upcoming origin film. Not much has ever been revealed about Solo’s faithful sidekick in regards to his backstory in the films and how he and Solo eventually became a duo.

It would seem the two have an undeniable bond from the moment a young  Solo asks the Wookie what is his name and gets a classic Wookie grunt which we know means Chewbacca. Also on full display is Chewie’s assessments of Han’s plans which he always thinks are a bad idea.

They generally are.

An added bonus on top of Chewie getting love in the spot, it’s safe to assume that the Sabacc Tournament in which Lando won the Millenium Falcon and ultimately lost it to Solo will be in the film. We are sure that scene will be epic and also that Han’s hand stunk based on Chewies sad grunt.

Buckle up, Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in theaters on May 25, check out a young 190-year-old Chewie in the new spot below.

Photo: Disney/Lucas Film

Photo: Disney