Stevie J gathers everyone to make a major announcement. The mood in the room quickly shifts from jovial to sad when Stevie reveals that he’s facing jail time for unpaid child support. What is absolutely ridiculous about this situation is that he is trouble for the payments he failed to make back in 1998. On top of that, the children in question he’s in trouble for are grown ass hell now. Now you would think Sleazy J was getting years the way everyone is acting but he points out that he might be away for up to four months.

Unlike the people in the room with Stevie, Twitter has a hard time really showing sympathy to the  “good guy”.


C’mon son.

With jail time looming over his head, Stevie enlists Mimi to run his struggle label in case he is locked up. Remeber when Mimi said she doesn’t like getting involved in Stevie’s business? Yea we don’t remember that either.


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